CranioSacral & Zen Shiatsu Therapies of Tucson

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"It is my pleasure to offer my recommendation for Jeff Rogers. Jeff has been affiliated with The Upledger Institute since 1992 and has worked with me both as a colleague and as a teaching assistant. He is a skilled therapist and a talented practitioner of CranioSacral Therapy. I feel he would be an asset to any clinical setting."
Dr John Upledger, D.O., O.M.M.
Osteopath and developer of CranioSacral Therapy

"Jeff is one of the best. I have chronic neck and mid pack pain, chronic sinusitis, many neck injuries, and in more recent years, hip problems, as well as being overly sensitive. I have moved every few years and have been blessed to find an excellent practitioner, or two in each place. I have been to many practitioners of chiropractic, osteopathy, craniosacral, massage, and more. I have been fortunate to find Jeff in the Tucson area. I have been driving an hour and 15 minutes each way to see him for a year now because his work allows me to continue hiking and being active, generally improving the quality of my life. (And caring for my structural body improves other health challenges.) He is present, respectful, professional, intuitive, and his prices are reasonable. I value his expertise and experience highly and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone, whether in chronic pain, recovering from an injury, after dental work, or just for general health maintenance."
Carolyn Ringo
Life Coach, Public Speaker, Wilderness Guide

"I moved to Tucson from Washington DC where I had received CranioSacral Therapy for chronic back and neck pain. Jeff was recommended to me in 2006 and I have been a happy client ever since. He is sincerely interested in your well being and listens carefully to what you tell him. These factors combined with his skill and knowledge make him an exceptional therapist. I would highly recommend him. Thanks Jeff for making it possible for me to continue to golf and enjoy other sports"
Ann Nellen
Satisfied client

"CranioSacral Therapy (CST) has changed my life and is giving me the results I was not able to obtain from other sources for health problems due to chronic stress. I honestly do not know where I'd be today if I had not started CST. I am constantly astounded at the benefits I have received from CST, even in areas of my life I did not expect. I only wish I had discovered it years sooner. I am thankful to both Dr. Upledger for developing CST and to Jeff for his knowledge, kindness, patience and skill. I wish more people knew about and/or would try CST. I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone interested in CST, and/or has not had success in getting the help they need from other avenues."
Lisa K.
Happy Client

I have been benefiting from Jeff's care for many years and can recommend his service highly. He has been able to alleviate chronic back pain. Further, his combination of techniques has given me better overall body and mind health. Give Jeff a try. You will be glad you did.
Bayard Auchincloss

"Jeff's work is profound and skillful. I've been a client for many years and always leave my sessions with him feeling deeply connected to myself and to Life."
Sandy Hogan
Executive Coach

"With quite a complicated medical/surgical history, I was referred to Jeff by my physical therapist. I had surgery for a neurological fetal defect I had never heard of. It was very extensive neuro-surgery with a brainstem decompression, crainiectomy, posterior C-1 &2 laminectomy, occipital-cervical fusion and a 4x4" gortex dural graft. These procedures left me with severe chronic pain, fatigue and a loss of ability to maintain my previous level of exercise and a very active life. I have seen Jeff since 2002 and still see him regularly. His treatments for me have been a very positive and integral part of trying to maintain as normal a life as possible. I am able to attend yoga 2-3 times a week, have better range of motion and better control of pain. I can't imagine a health and wellness program for me without Jeff's involvement and I am so grateful for his care and quirky personality!! Thanks Jeff!"
Ellie Quintia
one of Jeff's clients
"Kris is a very experienced and intuitive bodywork therapist.  She has a knack for knowing where my body is holding the most tension, which she always manages to release.  She provides  a balance between East and West, combining Shiatsu and Craniosacral therapies. Using these approaches  she coaxes my body into a sense of wellbeing.  I would like to mention that  she uses hot stones and essential oils to great advantage as well.  Her demeanor is professional, and she is adaptable.  Some days I relish silence, and Kris has no problem accommodating that desire.  Other days I want to chatter, and Kris is a wonderful listener.  I can easily recommend her services to anyone who appreciates professional, therapeutic bodywork. "
Mary Ackerly, MD, MDH

"I have had many Shiatsu treatments from Kris. And I have confidence that she can tackle the most difficult health conditions. She finds the problem and gently works with a penetrating touch that produces results. - - I gain so much understanding of my own body each time I have a session with Kris. She knows how to evaluate and apply the technique to produce results. She has expertise like non other."
Margaret Avery Moon
former owner of the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts

"Having an older body and needing to stay in shape to keep up with my students, I depend on my shiatsu treatments to assist in the effort. Kris's techniques and energy mirror those of Aikido and bring mind, body and spirit into balance. I am very grateful to have her as an Asian Bodywork Therapist."
judith robinson
chief instructor, Aikido at The Center

"The treatment was amazing. I felt immediate benefits for days after. Only a small amount of swelling to lower lumbar, possibly from some shifts, but it felt like appropriate swelling. I also could feel myself shifting into alignment in my spine a couple of times in the first two days after. I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and calmness when I returned to work a couple nights later and my posture felt better. Soooo..awesome! is how I would say the whole thing affected me. I'm looking into other areas of getting into touch with my body."
Heidi Muller

"I want to express my gratitude to Kris and her wonderful Shiatsu work. She is a skilled practitioner who works deeply yet gently to help release and reorganize bodily holding patterns. I so enjoy the freeing experience in the safety and sanctity of her lovely healing space."
Linda Joy Stone, OMD, L.Ac.
Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine

"I've received treatments from Kris since she practiced in Chicago... more than 20 years now, and I can say comfortably that she offers the most comprehensive Shiatsu treatment I have ever received. To be fair, it really transcends Shiatsu, incorporating multiple modalities. Best of all though is Kris's warm, gentle, and caring nature. You just feel so completely loved from her treatments. The physical benefits are many, but being the focus of such complete nurturing is an incomparable gift! Namaste!"
Tony Novelli
Long-time client

"I have been a professional massage therapist for over 30 years, and the treatments I have received from Kris have been some of the best therapy I have ever received."
Keith McDaniel
Massage Therapist and Client

"I have had several treatments with Kris. They were relaxing in a deeper way then I have had before with other bodywork. It was a wonderful feeling. I also felt my joints were more open after the treatment. I highly recommend Kris's shiatsu bodywork. I can definitely attest to her skill. I had a Shiatsu with Hot Stone treatment yesterday afternoon with Kris and it was tremendous. I felt incredibly relaxed during the session and throughout the evening. I definitely feel the effects today as well. If you are unfamiliar with this type of bodywork, Kris thoroughly explains the technique as the treatment progresses."
Karen Autrey

"Kris is one of the most down to earth, open, light beings I know. Her work is beautiful and moving. After sessions I feel aligned, in tune, and aware of my physical and non-physical self. Even if you feel 'alright' before a session, you will leave you feeling better and clearer."
Amy Pennington
Massage Therapist, Student, Client

"I have been receiving Treatments from Kris Schaefer for over 15 years. I leave her treatments feeling profoundly relaxed, nurtured, and at peace with myself. I am grateful to have her in my life both professionally and personally. Thank you, Kris for being fully present as a practitioner of Chinese Medicine. I literally come to Arizona for your work."
Mari Richko

"the treatment i had today was beyond words. my body has been in knots for years and just in this one initial treatment i can feel it 'breathing' again - it wants more! i plan to continue as i find in kris a very generous and warm healing energy, as is her welcoming, warm, organic space. the hot stones are a wonderful addition for me - i find them as lovely as the ones you walk on upon arrival at her beautiful house-studio. i would recommend her practice to anyone."
rosanna salonia
artist/photographer - fotovitamina

"My partner and I have been getting personalized classes on how to give and receive Zen Shiatsu through Kris's instruction. Kris's kindness and expertise are teaching me to share with my partner in a whole new way. She is an amazing teacher and I would recommend partner shiatsu to every couple!"
Amanda Brown, L.Ac.
owner of the Tucson Herb Store

"As a new student of Zen Shiatsu, the instruction I have been given from Kris is invaluable. It has bolstered my understanding of Zen Shiatsu and allowed me to practice with so much more compassion and knowledge. I am eternally grateful for her kind guidance. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift. Please keep teaching!"
Bradford Trojan
a very satisfied student!

"Dear Kris Thank you so much for seeing me today! I can't tell you how much better I feel -- the biggest impact didn't occur immediately, but as I was driving away, I could breathe -- I feel lifted and so, so much better! Thank you! Thank you! I pray you are well, too! I went for a short walk this evening and when the front of my left knee began to pinch as it did this weekend, I didn't favor - and do you know what... the pain fled! In fact I managed some heavy garden work (ready for Brush & Bulky) Thank you, Kris! You are a miracle healer! See you Monday... Blessings Lesley
Lesley Potts
Yoga Practitioner

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